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Graficas has been creating "Logos" "Web Design/sites" "Brochures" "Exhibition Design".

As well as many drinks labels, we have been involved with many book design and print management.

Graphic Design - Our responsibilities
For several years now the whole work structure is changing and that the effects of computerisation and robotics now makes the workplace, from what it was in the 60's 70's and 90's a "New World". Certainly in the graphics and print industries.
Clearly we no longer require heavy energy consuming processes in many if not most industries. Indeed the daily mass commute could also change as a result. Marketing and Branding will also and has undergone a radical shift. The Plastics and Pharma age has revealed our lack of the understanding and consequences of the dangers of cavalier exploitation to the entire ecosphere.

Sadly if it were a level playing field, now, in the World of Marketing, Selling and Banking, new threats are raising very worrying and challenging issues. The spectre of AI, seems to have no bounds in the way it inveigles and controls our lives - for power, political power and profit.  There are no doubt sinister forces who are seeking to overturn our once naive trust in an "old order" that for the most part engendered a sense of fair play. Time will tell how effective these, in my view, malevolent influences will prevail. The "General Public" one hopes will have their say. Good will out!

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T.W.Allwright, Cwmbach, Glasbury-on-Wye, HR3 5LU
Tel. 01497 847894 or you may use the "Contact us" page

Cwmbach, Glasbury-on-Wye, Powys HR3 5LU